Enrollment Guide


Regular Enrollment School Year 2022

13th September 2021

Qualified person

Those who are related to Okayama University (faculty and staff, students, JSPS research fellow etc.), and cannot care for their child at home because of employment, schoolwork, nursing for a relative, and so on.

Qualified child
  • A child whose age is from 0 years old (6 months old) to under 6 years old and who enrolls April 1,2022.

    *In the cases below, all applications will be accepted as year-round enrollment. Details on year-round

     enrollment will be announced around February, 2022.
  • regular application which missed the deadline
  • application for additional enrollment when vacancies are expected after regular application
  • application after May, 2022

From April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023


90 children

Usage fee

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Under 2yeas old 3years old 4-5years old
  • Child care fee 47,200yen, School lunch fee 6,800yen per child per month

    *Parents bear the full expenses above.

  • Child care fee 36,200yen, School lunch fee 6,800yen per child per month
  • Child care fee 29,200yen, School lunch fee 6,800yen per child per month

Please note, however, application can be accepted only if there is a vacancy mentioned above.

You can see the continuation of the table by horizontal scrolling.

  • Okayama University Childcare Nakayoshien application form FY2022

    【Download of a document:EXCELPDF

  • Certificate of Reasons for Use of Childcare

         【Download of a document:EXCEL / PDF

  • Please submit the below-mentioned documents to Human Resources Section (Diversity Group) by campus mail or postal mail by the deadline.
     *Please specify “Nakayoshien regular application” on the envelope.
  • If your child has already been in Nakayoshien, please submit the documents to Nakayoshien
    including the child’s siblings who newly wishes to enter Nakayoshien.
Deadline Documents must arrive by Friday, October 15, 2021

After the selection, we will notify our decision around the mid of November, 2021.Then, we will instruct the procedure.

  1. If there are few older children, we will adopt different-age childcare from 3-year-old child to 5-year-old child, and we will try to guarantee development by collective childcare.
  2. Please apply to this regular enrollment if you are currently enrolled or on the waiting list in Nakayoshien school year 2021, and continue to enroll in school year 2022.
  3. For details about childcare, please refer to the following web site:


  • Okayama University General Affairs & Planning Division
    Human Resources Section, Diversity Group
    1 – 1, 1 – chome, Tsushima, Kita – ku, Okayama city, 700 – 8530