Diversity and Inclusion

Okayama University Policy on Diversity and Inclusion

Okayama University is committed to being a community where each and every member, representing a wide range of attributes and individual traits, has the opportunity to experience growth that takes advantage of their respective characteristics, and that is grounded in mutual respect for, and recognition of, each other’s inherent worth. To this end, we will provide a foundation for collaboration among a broad array of stakeholders, with a shared appreciation for diversity not only in the domains of gender, nationality, age, and ability status, but also in areas such as individual values, sexuality, and work style.

The implementation of these efforts related to diversity and inclusion will enhance creativity, innovation, and agility throughout the university organization, and will contribute to achieving the university mission, “Building up a new paradigm for a sustainable world.” Furthermore, as a research university pursuing sustainability and well-being, we will work to create new value and foster the realization of an inclusive society that leaves no one behind.

Building on the “Okayama University Policy on Diversity,” adopted Oct. 20, 2009, we hereby establish this “Okayama University Policy on Diversity and Inclusion,” affirming its values as being common to all members of our community, and moving forward on that basis.