Recruitment of Female Researchers

Woman Tenure Track (WTT) System

Using the advantages of the integrated graduate school system, we promote basic research with universal importance to the advancement of academia from a multifaceted perspective. We also focus on promoting and supporting research topics of high social importance, interdisciplinary research, internationally advanced research at outstanding levels, and research expected to reach that level in the near future.
To secure and foster young researchers, we introduced a tenure track system in the mid-term plan, and are moving toward dissemination and establishment.

About Woman Tenure Track (WTT) System

About WTT System

We established Woman Tenure Truak (WTT) system to secure and foster excellent young researchers at our university and increase female faculties in promoting diversity in the 2009 school year. Following the adoption of MEXT Subsidy for Human Resource Development for Science and Technology’s “Tenure Truak Dissemination/Establishment Project” from 2011, we are implementing measures to enhance and develop further systems.

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Woman Tenure Truck Junior System

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