Consultation Network

In the Work Life Family Support Office, we have set up a “consultation network” that covers education and career fields.

About consultation network

The consultation network for the work-life family support room is as follows:

  1.  Monday and Friday from 13: 00 to 17: 15, the Gender Equality Office staff is stationed in Room 326 on the 3rd floor of Faculty of Letters, Law and Economics Building No.1.
  2. Please request according to the consulting procedure. We will check it and respond to you. In cases that require a specialist, faculty or experts in the needed field, such as (1) education / research, (2) career, (3) family support, and (4) childcare and nursing care, will respond.

Consultation method

Flow of consultation

  • step.1Make your request

    Please contact us through the consultation request form at the bottom.

  • step.2Response

    According to the consultation contents, our staff or a suitable advisor will respond.


step.3Answer from consultation desk

We will respond by e-mail about things that can be handled by our staff, such as administrative procedures within the university and events of the Gender Equality Office.

Recommended someone who
  • wants to know the administrative procedures on campus
  • wants to know about a childcare facility
  • wants the support of the Gender Equality Office
  • wants to know about the university’s gender equality policies
  • wants to consult to our university


step.3Referral of advisor

We will refer an suitable advisor for your consultation.

step.4Scheduling your appointment

After your confirmation, the advisor inform your appointment.

step.5Interview with Advisor

After scheduling, please keep your appointment and meet as agreed.

Recommended someone who
  • I want to hear stories of more experienced people.
  • I want expert advise

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