Work Life Family Support

Work Life Family Support (WaLaFuSa) Salon

As a part of work-life family support, the Gender Equality Office has established a place called “Wa(Work)La(Life)Fu(Family)Sa(Support)Salon.” You can come in once a week and talk about anything. While eating lunch or drinking tea, you can relax and talk. In addition, we plan to invite senior female faculties to talk to younger generations about their career, other helpful topics and to provide encouragement a few times a year. Please do not hesitate to drop by.

Recommended for someone who…

  • I feel hesitant to use a consultation network.
  • I want to consult freely.
  • I want someone to listen my story.
  • I need some information.
Date and time Every Wednesday from 12PM to 4PM
Place Diversity Management Office 2nd Floor, Faculty of Engineering Building No.21
Okayama University Tsushima Campus

No reservation needed. You can enter and exit whenever you like.


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